Saturday, November 8, 2008


Is a timeless tribute to Raja Ravi Varma a prince among painters and a painter among princes, When i sow the Film Ananthabhadram,I noticed an etire sequence of a song is the recreation of Ravi Varmas Paintings, It encraged me a lot, If Santosh Sivan can do it with his camera,Why i c't with Photoshop :) , This picture is now at Sri Chitra Art Gallery,Trivandrum,Kerala. Named as MILKMAID An old print of the painting was my reference, this is not a detail oriented work,Below images will say how i reached to the final image.
Now a days my focus is on basic skills like painting,Lighting and composition,These are difficult skills and take a long time to attain.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Looking Up Yosemite Vally

Original painting is By Albert Bierstadt(1865-67),Name of the picture is Looking Up Yosemite Vally. This was a study on Speed painting. time taken for this photoshop painting is 4.5Hrs. i m thikning to make this little more real :)

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