Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Wall at the north

This is one of the first work for my upcoming demo reel for Concept Art and Matte painting.

The Wall at the north always fascinates me,the out-kingdom Northern wilderness beyond the Wall, an ancient 700-foot-high (200 m), 300-mile-long (480 km) barrier of ice, stone and ancient magic, shielding the Seven Kingdoms from the North, manned by the order of the Night's Watch.

So i thought to draw the Northern Wall this time,World of A Song of Ice and Fire gives a lot of materials and ideas of fiction. Above picture is at the Day Time and the winter is not reached yet.

The wall is 8000 years  old,the mechanism to reach the top is also old as the wall so I'm thinking to drow something also on that Subject; ya.. that doesn't mean i,m already finished this picture! nope this is the day time picture now I'm planing to work on a dark version also of this picture and a 3d anaglyph and a movie of 5 to 7 second will also follows.

Left picture is just to show the detail level

Dear Kathleen Thank you for the BOOKS and inspiration

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