Monday, December 31, 2007


I have tried to create this design of scene by my imagination.
I am really enjoying scenes of nature and environment in contrast.

I would say modeling is an automatic part of the creative 3D work (in my case):).
The most difficult part of the work (in any program) for me is modeling.
Texturing is the area of 3D that takes most of the time. Next part – painting and drawing detailsL!! I used Photoshop cs3 for painting texture.

I used lights in classic three points systems. That was the base of lighting in most of my works.

Depth of Field as a Post Process (is the second time I’m trying this method,)

by this method I didn’t have to re-render the scene if later I changed my mind on how much Depth I wantedJ
By using Sampler Info to determine the object’s distance from the camera and the Set Range to convert that distance from 0 to 1; I applied this range value to the input of a blender node(Color 1 black and Color 2 white.),

And assigned the blender output to a surface shader, then to every object in the scene.
(AfterEffect’s blur and lumamate gives the Depth of the field effect).
Also the occlusion (mlb_amb_occlusion1) render layer made details more visible.
For compositing I used AfterEffects (But no color correction)

Click the image to see high resolution version

final image

happy new year :)

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